Why Coolwater?

So, you know you need help with your website, but you just aren’t sure which company to choose.  Coolwater Creative is unique and might be just the right fit for you.

We are value-driven.

We value independence, family and giving back. We believe true success comes when all 3 of those values are balanced effectively.

We are real people.

Who want to make a real difference.

We are interested in you!

We do what we do because we love helping people get their message out to the world. We love making them look good and we love learning about what drives their business or organization.

We are a boutique-style creative company.

It’s not like shopping at Walmart…or even like shopping Macy’s. It’s like shopping at the little unique shop downtown or “up north.” We talk with you, get to know your style and hand-pick website ideas just for you.

We have a passion for good communication.

You have to understand each other, or else nobody’s happy. It’s important for us to connect with our clients, and truly understand their business objectives.

We are techies who speak common English.

If you’ve ever tried to build your own website from scratch or to understand the network of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you know there is a lot of jargon to understand before you can even begin.

The online world is a whole other world!  Like we’ve said before, “online” is like “underwater.”  Consider us your amphibious friends who survive and thrive on both land (non-techie) and water (techie).

We create a ripple effect.

Every time you work with us, you help make a global difference.  Coolwater Creative LLC donates 5% of every contract to build clean water wells around the world.  We work through Living Water International and believe in their sustainable process of change.  Get your website done and help support sustainable global change at the same time.