The Process


Coolwater Creative believes in good foundations. That’s why we start with an assessment. We walk our clients through a Coolwater Blueprint that asks a whole array of questions, like “What are your business objectives? Who is your target audience? How should we reach them? Why should they care?” This gives us a solid foundation upon which to build your website plan.


Based on your Coolwater Blueprint, we create a a content outline and site navigation. Or, if you have that already, we revise the existing structure to reflect the assessment. This is usually a black and white document with words and arrows. Some like to call it a “wireframe.” Then, once the outline is approved, a visual design is created and presented for approval.


Once the content and visual design are approved, we set to work programming the various elements into a clickable website. This skeleton site grows into your fancy new awesome website once the text, images and plugins are added. After approval, the new site goes “live” for all the world to see!


If you are interested in maintaining your site, we are more than happy to empower you! Two hours of training is automatically included in the price of a site, and usually that’s all our clients need to update their text and images.