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  • Feel free to brag, but help us get to know you better. Who do you typically work with? What makes you different?
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  • Just as you have a budget when looking for a new car, it's realistic to have one for your marketing materials. In many ways, your budget can frame the scope of your project. If you have enough money for a Ford Escort, we'll give you the best Ford Escort in the business! If you have money for a Cadillac, we'll give you the best Cadillac in the business! Giving us accurate budget information will allow us to meet your print marketing needs with good stewardship. Regardless of the project scope, you always get Cadillac service. Note: Our logo and branding projects typically start at $950 and go up from there.
  • Are there certain colors that you like? What are some features they have that you'd want on your brochure/flier/logo? What do you like about the feeling that brochure/flier/logo gives?